Teleport allows making beautiful, immersive and rich virtual tours of properties in minutes. Simply shoot a video of the place and upload it on our platform to turn it into an interactive website. The end-user will be able to navigate the video by scrolling and access contextual information overlaid on the image: texts, images, social media statuses, or any other web content.

Your visitors will see the place, and access tangible information: its surface, neighborhood, or finishing options, right in the image. But Teleport also allows communicating on a more emotional level, by integrating the Instagram pictures of the people of the neighborhood or a video of the view at different moments of the day, for instance. This is of huge value in real estate applications since no-one ever chose a place to live based on tangible information alone: one must be emotionally touched by it.

With Teleport, you’ll be able to improve the presentation of a property, limit the number of wasted visits and reach a broader audience, with a minimal overhead with respect to taking simple pictures of the place.

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